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The Renato Faraone Mennella family has ancient origins always tied seed activity. Indeed, already in 1870, Carmine Faraone Mennella, grandfather Renato, founded the company bearing his name that soon he was admired internationally for the production of seeds and F1 hybrids, both vegetable and flower.
In 1956 Renato and his brothers founded the Farmen (name given by the union of the two surnames). Founded the new company, Renato moved to Reading in England at the Sutton Seeds Ltd., to quickly learn the new techniques of genetic improvement, his teacher being the famous Dr. Wats, expert in variety of Tagetes patula male sterile, Salvia, Primula and Salpiglossis.

Renato returned to Italy knew at once that the new address of Farmen had to gradually move towards the genetic improvement of the sector flourished and, beginning to gain experience within the species Salvia splendens, selected the first Salvia splendens dark leafy green and red flower. The new variety called Carabiniere, brought Renato to win in England, to Wesley Trial, the Gold Medal First Class Certificate and make known Farmen internationally which Italian company producing seed of flowering hybrid seeds.
Renato, worked, and subsequently worked in 1965 and until 1966 with Dr. Wedley, professor at Wisconsin University and owner of the company Pan American, who first reproduced the double Petunia from seed and Zinnia elegans F1 (Peter Pan). Forte also this experience, Renato, founded in 1970 with the company Clause (France), Sluis & Groot (Netherlands), Olsens Enke (Denmark), Colegrave (England), Ernst Benary (Germany) Fleuroselect, a worldwide organization with which they monitor and record the new varieties of flowers. It ‘been vice president of the International Association for many years and Board Director (Board of Directors).
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Currently it Italian courts. During his professional life he has won numerous international awards and certificates for the establishment of new varieties. Among the most important gold medal awarded by the All American Selection for Zinnia elegans Yellow Marvel, and a world-recognized certificate issued by the German Ministry of Agriculture for the important work done in the genetic improvement of Viola wittrockiana. In 2003, Renato decides to start a new business on its own and founded the company as a pilot company Farao research on specific experimental activities, located in a climate zone and therefore particularly suited to the study of the behavior of varieties in continental climate. The latest research of the Farao is on the male sterile Petunia, only variety that can be produced from seed and proposed as a spring-autumn varieties having regard to its resistance to low temperatures, already registered in 2009.

Finally, the Farao, however, not leaving out the vegetable compartment has distinguished itself by registering new varieties including hybrids F1 tomato as the Red Magic, Good Peel, Rondo, Baby Doc, Faraoro and Biliardino.

Therefore, today the Farao by Renato Faraone Mennella is the only Italian company to make seed breeding, or search for new hybrid varieties in the sector flourished, working closely with Dr. Anuscha Faraone Mennella degree in Agronomy with a thesis on molecular markers.

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